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Everyone loves an indoor swing.

Tuesday, October 28th, 2008

Swing on emmasdesignblogg, white room

Swing on emmasdesignblogg, white room

Beautiful wooden swing in loft

Daybed swing at Casa Redonda, from Flickr

A swing inside the house changes things. Yes, not everyone has a ceiling high enough or room wide enough for a swing, and yes, most of the photos we found of indoor swings pictured them in lofts—and in lofts you can do many things indoors that people normally do outside. Actually, though, a normal 8′ ceiling is high enough for a regular kids’ swing. And there’s always the more adult alternative of suspending furniture, such as the hanging daybed in the Casa Redonda hotel in Puerto Rico, above, which could easily be hung indoors. And in the photo of the old gentlemen on the daybed in South India (click below), a regular wooden settee has simply been hung from the ceiling – legs and all. Anything is possible—even just a regular wooden armchair. Most ceilings have strong enough joists to hang a swing, but you need to make sure you’re using at least a 3″ – 4″ screw with eyehook and a strong rope, cable or chain. Thanks to Flickr for many of these shots. Video here. And check out apartmenttherapy.

Raven on swing in Chinatown loft, NYC, by Brian Liu of toolboxdc


1 and 2: A beautiful Danish house seen on emmasdesignblogg and Remodelista.
3. Daybed swing at Casa Redonda, Puerto Rico. Swinging furniture is more common in the tropics, and that’s probably because air flow past the body is particularly welcome in the heat – the swing becomes a substitute for a fan.
4. Beautiful walnut indoor swing (unknown source). There’s something touching about a swing wide enough for two.
5. Raven, one of Bjork’s tour stylists, swinging in a friend’s NYC Chinatown Loft. Found on Flickr, this shot is by Brian Liu of toolboxdc.

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