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More Furniture in 24 Hours – 4 pieces

Friday, January 9th, 2009

Sculptural Seating by Gigi Hernaez

A final post on great DIY furniture from Spiros Zakas’ 1979 “More Furniture in 24 Hours” book. If you want the building plans for any of  these pieces, go to this Flickr set. The plans for the long bench chair at top, “Sculptural Seating by Gigi Hernaez”, are at the bottom of this post—click below or see Flickr. It’s almost reminiscent of Carlo Bugatti’s famous folding chair of nearly 100 years earlier. The next 3 pieces are the Laplander Chair by Mark Nøre, the S.O.S. Night Table by George Thomopoulos, and Folding Screen by Mark Nøre. Click on the photos to go to my Flickr. If you still haven’t had enough, there are lots of second-hand copies of the book at abebooks! Please, if anyone makes any of these designs, can you possibly send me photos and tell me how it went?

Laplander Chair by Mark Nøre, CU

SOS Night Table by George Thomopoulos


More Furniture in 24 Hours, part 1 – Space Bench

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

More Furniture in 24 hours by Spiros Zakas, 1979, cover

Some of these designs are actually pretty good. I’ll post some more if anyone wants them! I don’t know if that’s Spiros on the cover there, sitting on this Space Bench, or if it’s George Thomopolos, but whoever he is, he’s… groovy. It’s 1979 and they’re in New York City and apparently they’re going to build some interesting furniture in 4 hours. The $19 price tag definitely needs updating. It’s probably more like US$40-80—more if you use eco-plywood—and that’s not including paint or stain. There’s clearly a Gerrit Rietveld influence throughout the book, which considering the materials is to the furniture’s advantage. Click below to find page 2 of the plans for building this bench or go to my Flickr set for high res versions. I don’t know where my design partner Sarah found this book, but it’s fantastic.

Furniture in 24 hours by Spiros Zakas

Furniture in 24 hours by Spiros Zakas