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German town goes solar, buys local energy plant

Saturday, November 10th, 2012

After Chernobyl, the German town of Schönau didn’t want to get its energy from nuclear power. So its citizens turned the town into an energy producer via solar panels and other green carbon neutral sources. Watch the short film by Journeyman Films. Sadly the German government has cut subsidies to the renewable energy industry, saying it’s not sustainable economically. Hugely unfortunate and I think premature—and likely due to lobbying from the German energy industry. Angela Merkel has appointed someone to shut down the independent systems—he wants a system that is “market oriented” and “reliable” and “cheaper.” It seems unfortunate to abort an incipient clean carbon-neutral industry by pulling the subsidy now, so early.

Read also Rebel energy from the Black Forest from the Goethe Institut.

Another town has done the same thing: Wildpoldsried.

Chalet kitchen door

Tuesday, October 9th, 2012

Antique kitchen door in German chalet, part of the set of UK film “Chalet Girl” starring Felicity Jones and Bill Nighy. Fluff film, but great set. Is this a common door design in the alps? I like it despite or perhaps because of its excess, both in aesthetic and the amount of wood used. Strange and beautiful.

Hanging ships

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

Celestial Ship V


Western European churches, especially those near or in shipping towns, often suspended a model ship from the ceiling as a symbol of good luck for sailors. The practice is probably most common in Denmark, but is fairly widespread. It would be surprising if the current craze for ship chandeliers in decor (see the ship chandeliers in houses at bottom) weren’t related to this tradition. For a whole set of photos of church ships, see here. Photo at top is in Vilnius, Lithuania; second is on the island of Seili, Finland. For photos below, click on photo for information.

8280 - Jonathan




Church Of The Holy Cross, Old Rauma, Western Finland

Ship in Canterbury Cathedral.

Above, Canterbury Cathedral. Directly below (and at very top of post), a crystal ship in the Saints Peter & Paul’s Cathedral in Vilnius; photos by Beny Shlevich. Below that, two examples of the ship chandelier that’s become so popular now. It and others are contemporary, but there are antique versions of it too, usually from the early 1900s.

Celestial Ship IV

House by Jonathan Adler

Room styled by designer Lili Diallo

The two interior design photos above – both of them strangely aristocratic/colonial – are of a house by Jonathan Adler, top, and an apartment styled by designer Lili Diallo, below. The big ships are beautiful, even if there’s always plunder in their wake.