Painted surfaces in India

Morjim, Goa

This is a hodgepodge of painted walls in India, where I have been travelling for the past five weeks, fortunately for me. All of these are in South India (Karnataka, Maharashtra and Goa). The buildings are generally made of stone sealed with cement (see previous post). While all of these colours might not work in North America, we could use colour far better. The famous section of West 10th Avenue in Vancouver (upcoming post) is one of the happier places in the city on a grey day.  [I’ll be adding more photos to this post so check back.] Also see an older post on painted houses.

Morjim, Goa

Morjim, Goa

Mapusa, Goa

Panjim, Goa

Wall mural with ubiquitous diamond pattern

Bright walls, S. India - Mysore

Bright walls, S. India

Painted buidings, from the train

Painted tree, Goa

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